Natural Playgrounds

The construction of natural playgrounds is a relatively new concept in southern Manitoba. Most schools and public play grounds have the traditional play structures, created from recycled plastic or metal. All though these playgrounds are popular, it has been found they limit the types of play children can experience on these structures.

A recent world-wide movement called “Leave no child inside” was birthed as observers recognize the importance of children interacting with nature. It is of concern that the recent generation of children growing up are more prone to stay indoors than explore all that nature has to offer. Being outdoors is invaluable in creating opportunities to grow physically and mentally.

Creating natural play areas for children is a passion for the staff at Valleywest Landscaping. Whether for schools, community spaces, or in private backyards, our imaginative team can design and create the playground which children will enjoy for years to come.

In natural playgrounds, you will find boulders surrounding a sand pit, logs for balancing on, rocks for climbing, hills for rolling or sliding down, or a garden for planting. There may be a water feature where children can observe frogs and other creatures in nature, or bridges over a dry river bed.

Studies have shown children to be incredibly creative in natural play areas. Their imagination is the limit. Lets “leave no child inside” and do our part to see children enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

“Natural Playgrounds should be the standard for all our playgrounds. They truly connect children with nature through play and are a sort of classroom for the next generation of environmental stewards.”

David Suzuki